Cost effective unit
& integration testing

Industry leaders use AdaTEST 95 to test high quality, safety standard compliant software, in a cost effective way. Investing in AdaTEST 95 makes testing easier, enabling organisations to:


The high cost of unit and integration testing standard compliant software can be dramatically lowered through automation. AdaTEST 95 accelerates:

  • test framework set-up
  • test case generation
  • execution on host/target platforms
  • diagnostics and certification results production


AdaTEST 95 meets all the testing requirements of software safety standards to the highest integrity level. It provides a single testing solution for Ada code on host and target platforms with high productivity and a unique set of testing, coverage analysis and static analysis features.

AdaTEST 95 tool has been used successfully for over 20 years in many high profile projects ranging from air traffic control, avionics, rail transport, space, defence, and nuclear energy.

“Cantata allows us to test against requirements in a structured way and gives us the confidence that we have not missed anything. Writing code and getting it to execute is one thing, but that is not the main job. The real job is to prove every­thing.”

Johnny Johansson, Global Validation & Verification Tools Manager, SAAB

“I feel this is a better tool than any other testing tools for DO-178B/C V & V activities.”

Prabhakar Patil, Deputy General Manager, AK Aerotek Software Centre Pvt Ltd

“The systematic use of Cantata has enabled us to have the shortest unit test phase possible with great efficiency in terms of cost.”

Philippe Lomazzi, Head of Software Development Meggitt

How much will it cost to invest in AdaTEST 95?

AdaTEST 95 is very competitively priced with flexible licensing models to enable you to choose the best option for your business.

AdaTEST 95 comes with comprehensive user documentation, tests in the Ada 95 language together with tool integrations actively reduce the tool learning curve. On-going use costs are reduced through professional technical support services and maintenance upgrades.

For more information on license and service pricing options, please contact us.